Work Package 1 - Co-ordination & Project Management

D1.1  Mid-term technical report
D1.2  Final project report

Work Package 2 - Strategic Planning & Policy Priorities

D2.1  Inception report
D2.2  Compendium of initial actions for each carbon accounting enabler 
D2.3  Mid-term strategic report, including initial draft eco-label concept 
D2.4  Guidelines for validation and reporting of emissions, including eco-label blueprint updated following testing 
D2.5  Policy recommendations

Work Package 3 - Research Priorities & Roadmap
D3.1  Status-quo of research and publications development on emission calculation standardisation for transport chains 
D3.2  Approach for closure of identified gaps for eco-labelling of transport chain emissions
D3.3  Research and development agenda towards eco-labelling for transport chains 

Work Package 4 - Testing & Validation
D4.1  Specification of research questions to be addressed through testing 
D4.2  Testing and validation set-up
D4.3  Interim testing results
D4.4  Testing results
D4.5  Evaluation

Work Package 5 - Training & Education
D5.1  Curriculum and initial training materials 
D5.2  Report on validation
D5.3  Updated training materials packag
D5.4  Report on training and monitoring activities 

Work Package 6 - Dissemination & Exploitation
D6.1  Communication and Dissemination Plan 2016-2017 
D6.2  Initial Exploitation Plan
D6.3  Stakeholder Engagement and Network Development Plan 
D6.4  LEARN International Workshop 2017 Report
D6.4.2 LEARN International Workshop 2019 Report
D6.5  Communication and Dissemination Plan 2018-2019
D6.6  Post-project Exploitation Plan 


LEARN Project Summary

Download the LEARN Project Summary for more information