5th International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC)

5th International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) | 21 June 2018 | Groningen, Netherlands

International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC)

LEARN partners are strongly present at the 5th IPIC conference.

Sophie Punte gave a keynote speech on “Smart Freight Leadership to drive the transformation of the logistics sector.” She explained the journey along the five central elements that define leadership and the role of the GLEC Framework and LEARN project. Examples from multinational companies illustrated how leadership is put into practice and the benefits it brings to companies. The role of big data and the physical internet to make decarbonization possible was highlighted. For her presentation click here.

Harsha Dijk from Connekt, Igor Davydenko from TNO, Eszter Toth-Weedon from SFC and Ruud Vossebeld from Inform were panelists in the session “A Roadmap toward Zero Emissions Logistics: from promise to practice.” They explored the role of the physical internet, synchromodality, and disclosure of consistent carbon footprints across the global logistics supply chains in decarbonizing the freight sector.

LEARN Project Summary

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