Cocoa sector taking ownership of logistics emissions

23 February 2018, Chocoa Conference, Amsterdam

The chocolate industry must take ownership of emissions from transporting cocoa as part of their sustainability plans. Sophie Punte, Smart Freight Centre's Executive Director, presented at the Chocoa conference in Amsterdam how companies can take 3 steps to improve the efficiency in their logistics supply chain and bring emissions down:

  • Calculate and report logistics emissions across the global supply chain
  • Use data for better decisions and reduction efforts
  • Mobilize and recognize efforts of partners and suppliers

SFC's GLEC Framework was developed as a universal method to calculate logistics emissions and help companies take that first step. The EC's funded LEARN project helps to advance the GLEC Framework that is also adopted by CDP. 

If multinationals take responsibility for the cocoa farmers, then why not for the truck driver or other people who take the cocoa to the port and beyond?

The industry was quick to pick up on SFC's call for action with a Put up a freight article and Rick Scobey, President of the World Cocoa Foundation tweeting "Important point - we need to monitor and reduce CO2 emissions in the logistics supply chain.

For Sophie's presentation, please click here.


LEARN Project Summary

Download the LEARN Project Summary for more information