LEARN Project Assurance Reference Group Webinar

13 July 2018 | Webinar

LEARN Project Assurance Reference Group Webinar

Where the output of an emission calculation will be relied upon by supply chain partners, or used as an input to a further calculation (e.g. a national emissions inventory), it is important that the users have confidence that the calculation has been conducted properly.  This relates both to the input data used for the calculation and the calculation methodology used to produce the outputs. 

Colin Smith of Energy Saving Trust recently presented a webinar that introduced the latest developments specifically related to the assurance of GHG calculations in the logistics sector.  The webinar explained how these relate both to existing, general GHG assurance procedures and to help companies make progress in demonstrating their implementation of the GLEC Framework – the only harmonized approach to logistics GHG emissions accounting at global level. 

The webinar is aimed at both companies who contract 3rd party assurance of their logistics GHG calculations and those who provide 3rd party assurance of these calculations.  The webinar was recorded and can be accessed here


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