Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative

SFC co-hosted the Low Carbon Freight session of the 7th global meeting of Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (LCTPi) of World Business Council of Sustainable Development. 

The event was held on 19-20 June in Brussels, during the Sustainable Energy Week

LCTPi is an action-oriented program that brings together companies and partners to accelerate the development of low-carbon technology solutions to stay below the 2°C ceiling. LCTPi has gathered over 160 global businesses with 70 partners to work collaboratively on the climate challenge across multiply sectors.

The freight session of LCTPi7 did: 

  1. Examine findings of ITF Transport Outlook on freight
  2. Discuss pathways to low carbon freight. Drivers, challenges, opportunities & key messages for policy-makers and businesses by modality
  3. Identify new areas of focus for WBCSD’s Low Carbon Freight LCTPi, relevant to the European context

During the session SFC presented the Smart Freight Leadership report, highlighting the role of businesses concerning logistics emissions calculations and target settings. There was a special focus given to the GLEC Framework and the role of the LEARN project

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LEARN Project Summary

Download the LEARN Project Summary for more information