Sum4All 6th Consortium Meeting

16 January 2019 | Washington DC

Sum4All 6th Consortium Meeting

The 6th Consortium Meeting of the Sustainable Mobility for All initiative, led by World Bank, was held amidst much excitement over the Global Roadmap of Action (GRA) toward sustainable mobility. For the first time, high-level policy-makers and global thought leaders were invited to engage and share their insights on the proposed roadmap.

Sophie Punte of Smart Freight Centre joined a panel on "Our vision for sustainable mobility is multi-modal". She discussed the availability of alternative infrastructure to replace trips by road—for example the existence of rail networks. Another key issue is that mode choice depends on cost/pricing, and that the right incentives must be put in place to allow mode shift. Transparency on carbon footprint is also key to support the role of multimodality, and collaboration on reducing CO2 emissions from freight transport must be encouraged by governments and regulators.

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