TRB Workshop on Logistics Emissions Accounting

13 January 2019 | Washington

Standardizing the Calculation and Reporting of Freight Transport Emissions on a Global Scale

The workshop was hosted by the LEARN project consortium within the annual conference of the Transportation Research Board 2019 in Washington.

Building on developments since a TRB Session in 2014, this workshop informed attendees from research and industry on the progress made in assessing and harmonizing the calculation and reporting of carbon footprint of transport chains on a global scale. It focused on the different perspectives of theory and practice: advantages, challenges, achievements to date and future developments that are needed. Following presentations by experts from industry, government and research, a group discussion was moderated to identify future priorities to improve logistics emissions accounting and reporting by businesses worldwide.

Sophie Punte presented on the GLEC Framework and the LEARN project. Check out her presentation here.

Find here the summary and minutes of the workshop

The workshop is sponsored by Standing Committee on International Trade and Transportation (AT020); Standing Committee on Transportation and Air Quality (ADC20); Standing Committee on Transportation Energy (ADC70).



LEARN Project Summary

Download the LEARN Project Summary for more information